Digital Marketing Tools that Will Help You Rank #1 on Google Digital Marketing Tools that Will Help You Rank #1 on Google

5 Free Digital Marketing Tools that Will Help You Rank #1 on Google

Chamele - 5 Free Digital Marketing Tools that Will Help You Rank 1 on Google

Digital Marketing Tools are a wide range of technologies designed for marketers to use. These include social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other online marketing strategies. There are various kinds of digital marketing tools used by companies and brands in every industry. In this blog, Chamele has compiled a list of digital marketing tools which will help you to rank on Google.

1. Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is a tool that provides you with all the insights you need to make your website rank well. It will help you find out what mistakes are preventing your websites from ranking. It will also help you identify tools that can help you improve your rankings.

The Google Search Console is an essential tool for every digital marketer to have and use in order to know how they are doing on their website. Google Search Console aims to help digital marketers and website owners optimize their websites. It offers insights on how to improve performance on different search queries by offering real-time analytics, using reports from the Google Search Console.

An automated tool that uses artificial intelligence or machine learning to automatically crawl the content of a website, identify the page’s canonical version, and find broken links.

A web crawler that automatically visits a site and collects information about its content. The purpose is usually to index the site for search engines such as Google or Bing.

2. Google Trends

A digital marketing tool that will give you an advantage on search engines is Google Trends. It helps in understanding the popularity of your brand or a particular topic, so it is important for any business to ensure that it is well known online.

As you can see from the image above, Google Trends has a high ranking in 2018 compared to other tools. It’s ranked at #1 because of its high-quality data and is one of the most reliable tools in its field.

We should remember that this tool is not without limitations and you will also have to do some legwork as well – no tool exists where we don’t have to perform some actions.

3. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is the most popular Google ranking tool. It helps marketers find keywords that are highly relevant to their websites and blog posts.

As soon as you enter your website’s URL, Ubersuggest will start suggesting keyword ideas that show up at the top of Google search results. This tool can be especially helpful if you don’t know what words to use in a content piece.

Ubersuggest is an easy-to-use tool that can help generate new ideas and come up with catchy titles for books, blog posts, magazines, articles or cases where writers may not have any idea about what to write about next.

4. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool that comes in handy in many ways. It helps to manage optimization, understands traffic sources and sources of revenue, and supports you with data-driven insights.

Digital marketers use Google’s keyword search volume and Adwords Keyword Tool to find relevant keywords. It is also one of the most reliable tools for conducting A/B testing which helps you get accurate data on your website.

Google Analytics will help you understand how people are interacting with your website. What content they like to consume, and how they react when they come across it. Tools such as Followerwonk are perfect for measuring engagement on social media channels.

5. Google Books

Google has been around for over 18 years and is one of the most popular search engines in the world. In order to remain on top, Google always looks for ways to put its leverage on consumers, brands, and advertisers.

One way they do this is through their Google books tool that helps them rank your website on page one of search results for your key terms.

Google takes into account various factors like the number of links pointing to your website, social media shares, and page authority.

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